Jan 20 2014

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January… 2014. I always think of January like most people, the month to reset. The month to restart. The month to decompress and overlook a year gone by. 2014 has me thinking a little differently altogether. It has me not really wanting to look back at 2013 at all. 2013 was a crazy and rough year. A year where many things went wrong, lots of setbacks remained, some new ones came to light, and some sadness crept in. This is my goodbye to 2013.

I am so excited to get this website up and running and shining in 2014 and hope that I can get it fleshed out with new photos and material very soon!

2014 is here. It has been for 20 days thus far. January in this moment has me excited for the spring. Excited for football (title pun intended) and excited to see how different and exciting this year will be! In fact, I feel as though I got started on 2014 a little earlier than the calendar year would lead us to believe. In November and December I started an effort to ensure that my 2014 was going to be so much more than a resolution year. It would show me something, it would awaken me, it would reignite me and altogether change my attitude.

I put a lot of plans in motion to get my music life back together. I’ve started writing some new songs. I’m working on writing to my optimism, which is entirely new to me. I’m ready for the challenge. It’s been so long that I’ve been writing, playing, and singing that in some ways I feel like I’m starting over entirely. I am rusty. I get frustrated when I pick my guitar up and struggle through songs that I used to be able to play in my sleep. But unless I struggle, I will not come back to life in my music.

As in most things, the music isn’t the only ‘work in progress’… Everything else in my life goes right along with that. This comes to my mental, emotional, and physical health. I need to put myself and my home life first and I haven’t always been the best at doing that. It’s amazing how much your quality of life improves when you realize how toxic some habits can be that you think are harmless. I’m not saying that I quit all things fun and good in this life…. I’m saying that I am now at the age where I realize if I begin to cut out the drama and realize that my day job has a huge impact on my overall stress level in my off work times.

That may make me sound old. And I am A-ok with that. Because I know now, and in the months and days leading up to now, that it also makes me sound honest, and honest about being happy.

I have an incredible life, and there’s realistically not a single thing that I should be stressed about. There’s not a single thing that I should be unhappy about. I have a fantastic home, a wonderful partner, and nothing much to complain about.

So this year, I’m working on the things that make me happy.

Also, if you know of any open mics in the PA and NJ area, let me know. I’m interested in trying some of my new material out on some new audiences as they’re being worked, and reworked.. I’m working on the new songs being more work in progress as well.


Dec 11 2013

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