Arlene McCann is a Philadelphia based singer/songwriter whose lyrics bleed through each strum of her guitar.

In 2003 she got her feet wet with the release of her debut album ‘Aside From You’. Since then, the lyrics and tunes have been writing themselves through her emotional wit and catchy (but edgy) melodies.

In 2006 came the release of her second album ‘Soaked in Rain’, which instantly became a fan favorite.

The long awaited junior album ‘Who You Say You Are’ is finally here (released on April 10th, 2010), and with it came Arlene’s first national tour.

She was voted Forte’s ‘Chosen’ local musician, and played a special set for the honor of the award in March of 2010. (Forte is the young professionals group of the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia).

Arlene tries to make the audience feel at home by telling jokes and stories in between her songs. She also provides short story lead-ins before each song in order to unlock the ability of the audience to relate to her writhingly emotional lyricism.

With her sweet voice and her rough chords she will draw you into her world of poetry, love, and pain; and you will not be sorry you came.